Congress information


The official language of the congress will be English. 

Lectures and oral presentations

A standard PC and an LCD projector will be available.
Speakers are requested to
deliver their presentations (USB stick) to our staff, at least one hour before the start of the session.
The use of personal laptops is discouraged due to possible incompatibility and timing issues.
Presentations should be in pdf or powerpoint.

Poster presentation

Poster text should be in English.
On the top of the poster there should be title, names of author and co-authors, mentors, name of institution, email address of the author.
Oral presentation or poster presentation will not be possible without registration.
Posters should be in portrait orientation. Posters dimension are 80×120 cm.

Invitation letter

If you need an official “Letter of invitation” for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. Please indicate the purpose when requesting the “Letter of invitation”.

Certificate of Participation

“Certificates of Attendance” will be issued to all participants.

Confirmation of payment

Each participant will receive a confirmation of payment as soon as she/he has paid the registration fee.
Please bring this confirmation to the registration desk as proof of your registration. 

Congress badges

All registered persons will receive a name badge upon registration.
Please wear the name badge at both scientific and social events.

Insurance and liability

Participants are advised to take out health and accident insurance, lost luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. The organizers are not liable for losses, injuries or other damages.

Best poster and oral presentation prize

Best oral presentation will be awarded by organisers.

Best poster will be awarded by FEBS Open Bio with 200 euros.

FEBS Open Bio is an open access journal for the rapid publication of research articles across the molecular and cellular life sciences. The journal’s rigorous peer review process focuses on the technical and ethical quality of papers, rather than objective judgements of significance. FEBS Open Bio is wholly owned by the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS), a not-for-profit organization, and is published on behalf of FEBS by FEBS Press and Wiley. Any income from the journal will be used to support scientists through fellowships, courses, travel grants, prizes and other FEBS initiatives.